North Point Hybrid Flooring

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Unlocking the Potential of North Point Hybrid Flooring in Canberra

North Point Hybrid Flooring redefines durability, making it a premier choice for high-traffic areas. Combining robust hardwood layers with a waterproof core, it resists scratches, dents, and moisture, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.

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Mastering Waterproof Excellence with North Point Hybrid Flooring

The revolutionary technology in North Point Hybrid Flooring shields against water damage, making it ideal for spill-prone areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. This waterproof prowess not only extends the flooring’s lifespan but also simplifies cleaning and upkeep.

Elevating Spaces with the Timeless Beauty of North Point Hybrid Flooring

Enhance your space with the timeless allure of North Point Hybrid Flooring. Its authentic wood appearance, available in diverse finishes and hues, infuses warmth and sophistication. The Matte Embossed Surface adds a subtle texture, enriching the overall aesthetic.

Redefined Sustainability with North Point Hybrid Flooring

At Ultrafloors Canberra, environmental sustainability takes center stage. Crafted from eco-friendly materials and processes, North Point Hybrid Flooring minimizes environmental impact. Opting for North Point Hybrid Flooring promotes sustainable living without compromising quality or style.

Seamless Installation and Maintenance Simplified with North Point Hybrid Flooring

Experience effortless installation with the Floating Installation Method of North Point Hybrid Flooring, saving time and energy. The Micro-Bevel Edging adds finesse, elevating the flooring’s appeal. Its low-maintenance nature ensures a pristine appearance with minimal effort.

Technical Excellence Defined by North Point Hybrid Flooring

  • Acoustic Rating: AAAC 5 Star
  • Slip Rating: P3
  • Thickness: 6.5mm
  • Wear Layer: 0.5mm
  • Size: 1535 x 226 (mm)
  • Pack Size: 2.082m²/6 Planks
  • Domestic Warranty: 25 years

Versatility Redefined: North Point Hybrid Flooring for Every Space

North Point Hybrid Flooring’s versatility extends to residential, commercial, and renovation projects. Architects, designers, and homeowners favor it for its durability, waterproof features, and aesthetic charm.

Elevate Your Spaces with North Point Hybrid Waterproof Flooring

North Point Hybrid Flooring reigns supreme with unparalleled durability, waterproof mastery, aesthetic allure, sustainability, and versatility. Contact Ultrafloors Canberra today to explore our North Point Hybrid Flooring options and elevate your space with elegance and functionality.

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