Expert Flooring Services in Canberra

UltraFloors Canberra offers a range of flooring services to elevate your living space. From floor preparation, to sanding and polishing as expert installation we are your go to partner for all your flooring needs in Canberra.

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Floor Preparation Services in Canberra

Ensuring a strong foundation is essential for any project. Our team at UltraFloors Canberra specializes in floor preparation, including leveling, priming and moisture testing. We assess the condition of your floors. Take the necessary steps to create a smooth and durable surface for your new flooring.

Floor Installation Services in Canberra

Our team, at UltraFloors Canberra provides floor installation services that cater to your specific preferences and requirements. Upgrade your flooring to timber, hybrid, laminate or vinyl, with our installers who pay attention to every detail during the installation process. We ensure that your new floors are fitted accurately and in line with industry standards.

Floor Sanding Services in Canberra

Revive the beauty of your floors with our sanding and polishing services. Whether you have timber, hardwood or engineered flooring our skilled technicians use techniques and top quality products to achieve a finish that enhances the natural elegance of your floors. From eliminating scratches to applying coatings we ensure that your floors look exquisite and remain well protected.

Flooring Services in Canberra

Canberra residences and businesses deserve solutions that last. At UltraFloors Canberra we provide a selection of flooring options to cater to styles and budgets. From hardwood flooring, to hybrid options we offer the ideal solution for your living area.

Thinking about upgrading your floors in Canberra? Reach out to UltraFloors Canberra today for information, on our flooring solutions and to book a consultation. Allow us to assist you in creating practical floors that elevate your commercial property.

Ultrafloors Canberra

Ready for your
new floor in Canberra?

Are you looking to enhance the floors in your home, office or commercial space, in Canberra? Look no further! At UltraFloors Canberra we offer a variety of flooring solutions that cater to your needs. Our experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way and ensure an installation process for outcomes.

Floor Preparation in Canberra

Prior to embarking on any project it's essential to focus on floor preparation to ensure a seamless and successful installation process. At UltraFloors Canberra we place emphasis on floor preparation to establish a sturdy base for your new floors. By dedicating time and attention to floor preparation procedures we promise an enduring flooring solution that will withstand the test of time.

Our range of services includes:


We carefully evaluate the condition of your existing floor and utilize methods to level any surfaces guaranteeing a flawless installation.

Moisture Testing

Through detailed moisture testing we pinpoint any potential moisture issues that could impact your new flooring enabling us to take preemptive measures.


We apply premium primers that enhance adhesion and foster a strong bond between your subfloor and the new flooring material.

Floor Sanding and Polishing in Canberra

Transform the look of your floors, with our expert floor sanding and polishing services in Canberra.Whether you have timber, hardwood or engineered flooring our expert team uses tools and methods to bring out the beauty of your floors. From revitalizing worn out floors to adding a touch of sophistication, to your area our floor sanding and polishing services are customized to suit your requirements and tastes.

Our process involves:


We utilize sanding equipment to eliminate imperfections, scratches and old finishes revealing the charm of your floors.


Following sanding we apply top notch finishes and polishes to enrich the color, luster and longevity of your floors giving them a look.

Floor Installation in Canberra

Revamp your space with professional floor installation services from UltraFloors Canberra. Whether you opt for hardwood, laminate, vinyl or hybrid flooring options our skilled installers ensure an effective installation process. Our installation services comprise


We kick off with a consultation to grasp your flooring objectives, preferences and budget.

Product Selection

Based on your choices we guide you in selecting the flooring material, style and color, from our ranging collection. Our expert team manages all aspects of the installation process starting from preparing the subfloor to laying down the flooring and finishing with attention to detail.

Flooring in Canberra

Canberras climate and lifestyle require flooring solutions that're not just visually appealing but also sturdy and long lasting. At UltraFloors Canberra we provide an array of flooring options tailored to meet your requirements including;

Solid timber flooring

Embrace the charm of timber flooring offered in various species, colors and finishes to complement any interior style.

Engineered timber Flooring

Embrace the charm of timber flooring offered in various species, colors and finishes to complement any interior style.

Laminate Flooring

Achieve the appearance of hardwood or stone without the upkeep hassle through our premium laminate flooring selections.

Hybrid Flooring

Enjoy the benefits of both durability and hardwoods natural look with flooring options.

What Makes Us Stand Out?


With experience in the flooring sector we possess the know how and skills to provide outcomes.

High Quality Materials

We procure our flooring supplies from brands to guarantee sturdiness, longevity and visual appeal.

Professional Approach

Our team is committed to delivering top tier customer service starting from the discussion all the way through installation.

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Eager to revamp your Canberra area with notch flooring solutions? Reach out to UltraFloors Canberra today to arrange a consultation. Allow us to assist you in attaining your flooring aspirations and crafting a space that mirrors your taste, resilience and elegance.

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