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Floor sanding price per square metre in Canberra

Floor sanding price per square metre in Canberra

If you’re planning a home renovation project that involves timber floor sanding & polishing then its important to understand how much it will cost per square metre in Canberra before getting started. Several factors come into play here including wood type, job complexity and area size so take some time to assess these elements beforehand.
In general basic floor sanding Canberra services fall between $45-$60 per square metre but this floor sanding cost may increase if other services like staining or sealing are required.

There are also additional expenses to consider such as disposal or equipment rental fees which vary depending on who you select as your provider.
To ensure success with your project its important not only to find a company that offers competitive pricing but one that has experience with all flooring works. Do some thorough research on providers request quotes from multiple sources then compare before making a final decision.

To make an informed decision about which service provider and floor sander to choose it is crucial to thoroughly understand what is included in each quote. This way you can ensure that the company you select is the best match for your specific needs.

Factors Affecting Floor Sanding & polishing Prices

Want to rejuvenate your wooden floors while increasing their lifespan? Floor Sanding & polishing is a top choice; however, it’s helpful to consider some factors that can influence floor sanding & polishing prices in Canberra.

Condition is key – undamaged or newly installed flooring costs less than extensively worn or damaged ones. Furthermore, any previous finishes or unevenness may add cost due to extra preparation time required before sanding commences. Types of flooring (hardwood flooring vs engineered timber flooring /parquet wood floors) and size are also pricing considerations based on durability and coverage area requirements for the job at hand.

For projects needing extra services like gap filling or staining, expect additional charges.

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