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At Ultrafloors - Timber flooring Canberra, integrity, honesty, and hard work are core values we hold dear – qualities reflected in everything we do regarding products or services provided by us always keeping in mind your requirements or specifications.

Thank you again for choosing us as your preferred provider of exceptional flooring solutions.

Floor Preparation Services

The foundation on which you install or refinish your floors plays an integral role in determining their longevity as well as appearance—hence why we emphasize on comprehensive floor preparation every time!
Our floor prep services entail several steps: subfloor leveling where applicable (to guarantee levelness when installing over an existing floor), moisture testing to detect excess moisture in the subfloor which could lead to mold/mildew growth under the new flooring, and old flooring removal in case that's necessary.

Floor Installation Services

Floor installation services are our forte at Ultrafloors- from timber to laminate to hybrid options; we've got you covered! We understand that each type serves a unique purpose, so our knowledgeable team will help you make an informed decision that suits your home or business' needs.
With its timeless charm and durability, timber floors add elegance wherever they go while being low maintenance- perfect for busy spaces!

Floor Sanding Services

For those seeking to renew wood floors' vitality without resorting to costly replacements, floor sanding can be an ideal option. Using advanced techniques with specialized equipment removes unwanted imperfections from surfaces like scratches or dents while also eliminating all debris buildup over time such as dirt or dust for a fresh new look!
Once sanded down beautifully polished finishes enhance natural beauty shining through restored timber underfoot again—that's why it's considered one of today’s top flooring solutions available to homeowners today!

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